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Urdu Language

The Urdu language course is designed to impart the fundamentals of speaking, reading, writing, and grammar in Urdu. It is specifically tailored for individuals with limited or no prior knowledge of the language. Additionally, you can assess your progress through quizzes and assignments.

Throughout the course, you will learn:

Urdu Alphabet: Mastering the skills of reading, writing, and speaking Urdu letters.

Zair, Zaber, Paish: Understanding the variations and sounds associated with different letters in Urdu.

Writing Urdu: Acquiring the ability to write Urdu by comprehending the shapes of letters in independent, initial, middle, and final positions.

Numbers and Counting: Familiarizing yourself with numbers and counting in Urdu.

Urdu Vocabulary: Expanding your knowledge of Urdu words and building a strong vocabulary.

Urdu Speaking in Different Situations: Developing proficiency in conversational Urdu for various contexts.

Basic Urdu Grammar: Gaining a foundation in essential grammar rules and structures of Urdu.

Tenses in Urdu: Exploring advanced grammar concepts related to verb tenses in Urdu.

Speaking the language spoken by the locals can significantly enhance your daily experiences. If you plan to visit Pakistan or India, knowing how to communicate in Urdu will be highly beneficial. I have designed the “Urdu speaking reading writing from English – Urdu language” course with the aim of making the process of learning Urdu more accessible and convenient for you.

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